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Writing our first post

Posted by mediations on February 9, 2010

Do you read blogs? If so, why? If not, why not?


10 Responses to “Writing our first post”

  1. Stephen Johnson said

    I read them because I find them interesting and a good way of finding out information.

  2. wendy689 said

    The reason I do not read blogs is because I can find out about my friends and other people on facebook, from their status updates.

  3. I did not read blogs before as I did not know how or where to find interesting ones on the internet. However, after this lesson I think I will be reading them more often.

  4. I don’t read them because I’m not sure which ones to follow and how to find them. There are other methods available.

  5. jamesmeek said

    I have read a few blogs and can see how they are useful sources of information. Blogs can bring you closer to the source, and are more intermate than status updates, and less formal than group e-mails. Brilliant for following updates on individuals.

  6. Yes, I do read blogs. I read blogs mainly to keep myself up to date on sports.

  7. kim2211 said

    Never read blogs, think it may be because Im older so never had to do it at school or college. Going to start now though.

  8. I don’t read blogs regularly mainly because there are other methods available to keep up with things.

  9. I do read some blogs but not all the times…independs on the subject

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