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Week 3 session 1: We’re on our way!

Posted by mediations on February 16, 2010

Most of you now have the basic tools and skills needed to create the blog that will be at the heart of your MAC299 asssessment. Today, we are going to begin with you sending a comment to this post explaining your progress so far, including a short summary of your proposed blog, and its URL so we call all add links to each others blogs to our own site.

We will spend a short time reading and conmmenting on class blogs but I want you to spend most of the session finding writers who are doing a good job with a similar project to your own. Identify at least three, and ideally five, blogs from which you can learn. 

Write a post for your own blog, including links, that sets out the strengths and weaknesses of the sites you have chosen. What characteristics are shared by sites you enjoy visiting? News? Video and pictures? Entertaining writing?

Remember that by doing so you may well encourage the person you are writing about to visit, and comment on your site! 

Before the end of the lesson, add another comment here that briefly summarises your thoughts on the five sites you have reviewed.


7 Responses to “Week 3 session 1: We’re on our way!”

  1. jamesmeek said

    Unfortunately, I was not in the last lesson, so I am still at my test blog, I think I have a great idea and a title for my blog.

  2. wendy689 said

    I have not yet decided on a theme or subject for my own personal blog. However I have posted a short blog about the train disaster in Brussels. Would be good to hear how you found out about the crash.

    I really like the new look of our blog. Not to sure on the name yet James.

  3. So far I have changed the title and the tagline for my blog, I have made my first post about Alexander McQueen and it fits in perfectly with my blog as it is about fashion.

  4. So far into the course I have set up my own blog at I posted a blog on the death of Alexander McQueen but at the moment that is it.

    I have an idea for my blog which will be about my top ten films to see before you die. Each week will be a review of the film in my own words giving a breif synopsis of the film and why I recommend the film. I have ten films to review which will be counted down from ten to one.

    I am going to research similar blogs to see how they write the reviews to develop it further.

  5. We have been working on these blogs for a couple of weeks now, I feel that we are all making good progress. I have a couple of blogs written but not yet posted them. I have them drafted as I think they need more detail and more information to be effective. I would like to work on them a little longer before I put them up for everyone to see.

    I am also struggling with a name. I think the title is just as important as the content, it needs to be interesting. I need to have a good think first before I put a name to it.

  6. At the moment I am still in the process of deciding between two different ideas. I was leaning towards writing a blog about what it is like to travel in the UK being a foreigner, or following Vampire Weekend (the band) which is currently touring. The URL to the travel blog is The Vampire Weekend URL is

    After talking with Phillp it looks like the travel blog is the way to go. If anyone thinks otherwise please let me know.

  7. stephenjohnson87 said

    I am updating content as I go along creating a new post every few days

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