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Week3s2: Building content, learning from others

Posted by mediations on February 19, 2010

Although a lot of your background for this module can be done online you should also be reading three key texts, Naked Conversations by Scoble and Israel, We the Media by Dan Gillmor, and Online Public Relations, 2nd Ed by Phillips and Young.  The first two (and arguably all three!)  are  beginning to show their age but they give an idea of how we got to where we are today. Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky is another very useful way into some of the issues we will be discussing as the module moves from the practicalities of getting online ourselves to gaining some understanding of the  theoretical implications that come from the rise of social media.

OK, let’s start by having another look at our own course blog.

Last time we asked a few key questions about presentation. Clearly our starting point wass to consider its purpose – who do we want to talk, what impression do we want to give?

How much attention do we need to pay to wondow dressing, and how much to useability?

What colours should we use? What shall we call it? How important is visibility and searchability?

You will see I have added a few new features – nose around, and ask yourself how well we have met these objectives. Post comments with suggestions as we go along.


Let’s look at the way some other PR students and researchers are approaching social media.

Next week I will be in Ghent, Belgium for Euprera Spring Symposium, and presenting the Euprera Social Media Awards

It’s too late for you to enter this time, but you might like to become involved in the PR OpenMic network. If you join, remember this will connect your work to that of students, educators and potential employers across the world, so be professional.

As we look at new blogs, think about this  Taxonomy of Weblogs I drew up as part of a paper presented to Euprera’s 2005 Lisbon Congress.

About me: people who write about their daily lives for micro-audiences of friends and family;
Focused interests (niche/ hobbyists): people who use blogs to communicate with fellow enthusiasts/ with shared experience ie workplace. Usually amateurs and generally recreational.
Campaigning: political blogs, pressure group, protests
Networking/ Education/ Development: people who use blogs to debate professional subjects with fellow practitioners
Personal marketing: people who use blogging to promote their expertise to clients, employers and others who can influence their careers or businesses.
Commercial: organizations which use blogs to promote goods and services, (including news organisations); these can include employee blogs (moderated) and blogs that encourage customer participation

Does this list need updating?

Back to your own blogs…  You face two big challenges: one is getting started, the other is keeping going! Luckily there are quite a few people out there willing to share their expereince. Let’s start with the prolific online journalism blogger Paul Bradshaw who offers 12 Ideas for Blog Posts, and Liz Bridgen’s Potential blog topics – the list that PR students won’t need after a month


5 Responses to “Week3s2: Building content, learning from others”

  1. I am very impressed with all the Student Blogs up for the award, however I think that Clare Siobhan Callery has the best blog out of the four. She has created a good informative blog which makes you want to read it. It follows a simple yet effective layout, similar to that of The Guardian website and is very personal to her. I think the category cloud which she has on it is an easy way to find certain topics and her e-Portfolio is a good way to sell herself to potential employers. It is an influential blog which has opened my eyes to how to market yourself online. In my eyes it is a worthy winner.

  2. wendy689 said

    I am really impressed with the four different blogs. The one which I think deserves to win is New media in practice The reason I feel she is a worthy winner is because her blog is very professional and very focused on the social media aspects. I love the easy to read layout and use of videos and images. Good luck to everyone.

  3. All of the blogs who are contending for the award are excellent with some interesting content. The Blog that stands out for me is the one posted by ‘Claire Siobhan Callery.’
    The clear layout males it easy to read and looks very professional. The content of the blog is up to date nd very interesting. Updating her CV onto the website has sold herself well to employers.

  4. I thought all of the entries were impressive. My favourite was Clare Siobhan Callery at I like the clean and easy to use blog. I like the cloud feature near the top of the blog because it allows the reader to locate a topic of interest quickly. She also has very interesting articles and writes very well. All of the blogs were good, and I think they will definitely help them all get jobs.

  5. chriskostallari said

    I am quite impressed with the student’s blog and i find it very useful and interesting. Also very interesting in the links that are posted on the wall.

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