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Week5s2: Time for theory… and application!

Posted by mediations on March 2, 2010

We will start today by catching up on what you learnt about video in your Friday session with Steve Noble. I was hoping to have been to follow your progress through Tweets, blog posts and comments but…

Then we will spend most the day talking through theoretical approaches to the study of social media. We will identify questions raised in this powerpoint presentation MAC299 wk5s1 Time for Theory (also on WebCT) and then you will, in your own time, put together packages that identify useful ways of addressing a particular topic. Details to follow but please regard this as an integral part of the learning experience and essential preparation for your essay.


11 Responses to “Week5s2: Time for theory… and application!”

  1. Here is my blog for the class Here is my course work blog where my video link is located

    • I had never really taken video and then put it online, it was surprisingly easy. Right now I am working on three different posts for my travel blog, all of them are saved as drafts at the moment.

  2. So far I have posted my first blog, I’m currently still undergoing some research to add to my blog. It has been viewed a number of times but no comments have been made yet. I am hoping to post some video footage of him performing soon.

  3. kim2211 said

    Truthfully I have just set up my blog. I am doing a photography blog and I am yet to take my first photo. Will have it looking good and lovely by the end of the week. Kimberly

  4. jamesmeek said

    Hello Phil

    I have finally got the internet sorted out my house, so my Blog is off to a flying start.
    I have made two posts, both with pictures, and I think you will appreciate the topic of my blog.
    I hope to have a video in my next post


  5. stephenjohnson87 said

    Hello, I am still learning how to add people on to my blog roll. I did add a video last week and am in the process of replying to comments.

  6. So far my blog is coming along well. It is getting viewed so I am happy about that! I did create a video but it is irrelevant to my blog so I am planning on creating another one. I am researching my films so the main content should be coming up soon.

  7. The session with Steve Noble was very helpful and i learned very useful things about how to edit a video.

  8. Hey
    I have posted my first blog, had a few comments and have commented back. I need to add the link of my video off the last session, editing was enjoyable. Doing research for my next posts at the moment. I have started reading as well.

  9. Our group is going to answer the question,
    Does this mean a greater plurality of voices – or is it still elites talking to elites (bloggers as a digital chattering class)?

    Our group is:
    Jason Kirstein
    Claire Beaton
    Sarah Piggett

  10. Laura, Kim and myself have chosen the questions “what implications does the advent of social media have for effects research traditions.”

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